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Born in 1998 in Benin, I am a graduate of Computer Engineering @ Izmir Institute of Technology - IZTECH with more than 6 years of programming experience.

My Professors, colleagues and teammates praise me of having soft skills including Creativity, Time Management, Quick Learning, New Technologies Enthusiasm, Team Player and Fantastic Communication Competences with Awesome Remote Work Track Records.

Making use of the knowledge I've acquired from my lectures and own studies, I not only build beautiful websites, I develop secured Mobile (iOS & Android) and Desktop applications that run pretty fast and efficiently.

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9PM Football Manager


Job History

Time now comes for my work experience

Managing Director

Izmir, Turkey @ bigO

Alongside my two co-founders I have created a software bespoke company providing Software as a Service(SaaS) regardless of the domain but mostly on Web & Mobile Development, Product Development, IoT, & Cloud DevOps.

Linguist & Translator

Izmir, Turkey @ Uncosoft Inc.

Translated the entire football Manager mobile application called 9PM now available to download on iOS and Android from Turkish to both French and English. Vocalised and commented on football matches in French and English.

Software Team Lead

Izmir, Turkey @ Evde'iz

Worked with my team on our final year thesis project which is composed of creating a mobile (iOS & Android) and web platform permitting people to see all (small/large) market and boutiques the nearest around them and meet their shopping needs in just a button click. The markets would receive notifications automatically, prepare and forward them. During this pandemic period, online events that are likeable, shareable and commenteable are aslo available on our app.

Software Developer

Izmir, Turkey @ Uncosoft Inc.

While in Uncosoft, I worked along with the Software Development team to build the first Turkish Football Manager Mobile Application. My responsibilities included developing the backend side of new features to the App, Translating the App itself from Turkish to both English and French. I alternatively was in charge of dealing with the technical support for both of the languages not to mention the vocalisation of the matches.

iOS Developer Intern

London, Englan @ Cubitz

In a dashboard mobile app project aimed at helping small and huge bussiness grow their work, I created a C# server for a the mobile application. Created user registration pages using Xamarin and managed users trend analysis.

French Teacher

Izmir, Turkey @ IZTECH

  • Delivered French Courses to more than 2000 students of the the university.
  • Helped translate some professional documents from Turkish to French and English.

IT Itern

Izmir, Turkey @ Teknopark Izmir

  • Dealt with Windows Server.
  • Learned and Used Network devices such as Switches, Cisco, and WiFi modems.
  • Provided maintenance to the company's staff PCs and Mobile phones.

Hardware Intern

Izmir, Turkey @ Kent Elektronik

  • Spent my free weekends learning the underlying technologies of Electronic devices like PCs, Tablet, Mobile phone and many more.
  • Helped repair electronic devices.
  • Assembled and repaired mobile phones of all brand.

Service Offers

With the experience I have acquired from my lectures, previous roles and own studies, I am able to provide fantastic services in the fields below.


I design responsive web application runnable on all sort of platforms and devices.

Mobile App Development

Develops cross platform (iOS & Android) runnable mobile applications using React Native and/or Xamarin.

CyberSecurity analysis

Given a project or application, able to analise vulnariblity of the later.


English - French - Turkish

Contact Me

For collaborations and much more, do please reach me with my contacts below. I am always online and got my phone all the time with me!

+90 534 212 1803